Lateral Movement in the Real World: A Quantitative Analysis

Could you spot a lateral cyber-attack? They're harder to catch than traditional linear attacks. This article explains how lateral attacks work and how to spot these multi-step attacks before your systems are compromised. How can NEUVOR help you execute? Share your ideas in the comments and read this for more:

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Cyber-attacks usually start with a single compromised endpoint. But the attacker then usually moves upward to higher levels of access.

A newer trend in cyber-attacks is lateral attacks. These attacks don’t move upward but outward to gain access to a wide range of hosts, user accounts and applications. These types of attacks can be exceedingly difficult to spot as they move inside your system, often using trusted utilities that aren’t scanned by security tools. This article from the VMware Security Blog explains how lateral attacks work and how to spot them. Read the article here:

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