5 Reasons to Migrate to Cloud with Citrix DaaS on Microsoft Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop benefits remote work strategies. How many ways? Take a guess in the comments. Take a look at this infographic for an at-a-glance of 5. @Azure #VirtualDesktop

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Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop enable you to deliver secure experiences to any device while simplifying and optimizing IT operations. When you transition your deployment with Citrix DaaS and Azure Virtual Desktop, you can unlock even more benefits and cost savings, and reduce your reliance on physical infrastructure. This infographic highlights 5 great reasons to migrate to Citrix DaaS on Microsoft Azure. If you run some or all of your Citrix virtualization workloads on-prem, view this infographic to see how Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop together can accelerate digital transformation and amplify cost savings.

View: 5 Reasons to Migrate to Cloud with Citrix DaaS on Microsoft Azure

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